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It’s kind of like whack-a-mole. Whenever you suspend him, he comes back up.


Math is easy to be honest, if you are learning about graphs this is all you need to know:
Point Intercept Form
y=y point
x=x point
b=y intercept
Pretty much if you want to Graph a line, let’s say for example 3=2(5)+2
You would first start with e Y intercept(2) and go up that many up or down from the origin. Then, you take your slope(also 2). Think of the slope as a fraction 2/1. The Numerator is the distance you go up, and the denominator is the distance you go across. If you go up or down doesn’t matter, but the change in x does, becsue it determines the direction of the line(positive, negative, zero slope, no slope). Keep repeating going up(or down) and across and eventually yo will have your line!
Kinds of equations:
Slope Intercept Form:
This is useful for graphing the line
Point Slope Form:
This is useful if the problem gives you one point and the slope
Standard Form:
Easy to convert into either also lays out your information if you need to find the slope

If you have a line, and you need to find the slope use this easy equation!
For example let’s say you have the two points
5-3 =2
3-2 =1
_ is the slope
@TheCoders This is Algerbra, so if you aren’t there yet than this will mean nothing to you


Sorry if I nerded out. Also that took so HTML knowledge of invisible characters


I learned this this year, it’s really pretty easy when you get the hang of it!


Ooh hoo! Looking good!
I’m a math nerdy pants, too :ok_hand:

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You can do HTML awesome! I am self teaching myself.

Math is really easy! It’s fun too!


Woo honors algebra, (which is what I am in) but strangely I learned that last year lol


im like three years ahead in maths help

just wait for exponential and quadratic and


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Wait that was algebra


Yeah it is Algerbra …




Ah, ok. Which grade would you learn this in?


I learned it in 7th grade(because I am in gifted math) but most people learn it in 8th grade and some people learn it in 9th grade.


I wish my school had advanced classes. My old school did, but this is a private school with super small classes. I guess I’ll learn that in a few years.


I am glad I didn’t fail my mid term


algebra 1 is usually ninth grade i think

but ye im in it yay


You sure?

I’m in eighth with Algebra 1

It’s pretty easy?


ye its not bad
basically pre algebra w/exponents lmao