The Numberphile Topic -- The Official Nerdy Math Topic! [OLD]



yall lgbot please???




Thanks @MR.GAM3R, you have a nice day too!


I can’t, you moron. I literally can’t. Get off the forum forever.


@Liza, please ban this autism-hating moron. He calls people with autism “not people.”


Yet they passed the “Check if you are a human” test to sign up for an account.

This is incredibly annoying. I would like it if @system closed this topic since really we aren’t talking about math anymore, this is just being vandalized.

And please don’t come back with a witty retort, @xse. Literally no one cares about your perspective on autism in a math topic.

Here’s the message:
And please, everyone just ignore him. I do appreciate you all to stand up to these sort of situations, but we’ve been trying to tell that to you all because whenever you post back, it gives him incentive to post more. He’s just an immature middle schooler who thinks getting attention is cool. Thanks everyone. (And thanks to @MR.GAM3R and @Jojo for cooling down the heat, you guys are pretty cool :ok_hand:)


Hey, please settle down. You’ve literally posted 5 times without him responding. It’s not going to change the situation. I know your angry, so am I (it’s my topic, ugh) but we need to have self-control


He called me “not a person”. How am I supposed to respond?


By not responding


Maybe it’s time to just get him banned. He is ihaveexpectations.


t1 left the forum and no other leaders have noticed. T1 was the one who initially got him banned in the first place


I wish she would return. Nobody else ever notices this stuff. Also, I need a proper friend group.


Have you joined TheJonnyGamers yet? Yeah, a few of my friends have gone inactive :/


Yes. I’m active all the time.


This is a math topic. @JonnyGamer I often look at this topic because it’s really cool :slightly_smiling_face:
I’d like to see it remain,
Everyone take a deep breath and ignore xse. He called me a half rubbish, pathetic coder and it didn’t change my life, no difference. With him just let his comments go in your ear and out the other.


Hey, thanks! I’m thinking though that this topic needs a new start, though since over half the posts aren’t really math related (ever since xse)


I’d like to edit the title to say “The dead Numberphile Topic – The Official dead Nerdy Math Topic!”


How about "The Old Numberphile Topic"
That might be good, too


The only problem is, I can’t edit the title.


I have regular. Do you want me to do it?