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Woah. What happened to this topic :cry:
I remember when we used it a lot


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Okay here's a challenge

This is something on solid angles

And here is the cone.


I just realized it's really easy if you think about it


Why did you capitalize “peacefully”?


Oh, by the way, I’M BACK!!

Hopscotch Programming Puzzles

@JonnyGamer @Stradyvarious I haven’t watched this entirely yet and I’m not sure if you would like it, but I thought of you both when I saw this! :smile:

It’s a maths video from Vsauce:


Oooh! I saw that on my recommended list! Awesome! Thank you!

Woah! I watched it just now! That’s crazy mind blowing!!


Thanks for the link, I’ll check it out when I have time.


I had my first PreCalc Class on AoPS today! :D


Try to solve this, and send me your answer.

If you can’t read it, this is what it says:
Find the square root of the sum of the areas of all the individual shapes in Bill Cipher including his eye.
The key; 1 inch = 5 meters.


I’m going into 5th grade and I don’t remember how to do long division… oops?


Has anyone solved Bill Cipher yet?


oooo!! how was it??

started AP Calc last thursday. seniors/juniors are scary.


It was pretty good! The instructors type wicked fast, and I got some whispers from them and also one of the teachers made a mini private group chat between me and him for like a minute. Also, I got to stay and chat with the students after the class. (Imaginary Numbers is the next topic and I can’t wait for e^(i*pi) :grin:

Why are the seniors and juniors scary? There are probably a lot of them I guess


Hey guys. I never thought I’d ask this (first time for everything), but I need some help with my homework. With 8m-(8-m)=28, would it be best to not change the 8? 16 and 64 didn’t really work well. With 8m I got 2.5.
Also, how do I solve a problem like this one? 8x-5=15-x



For 8m-(8-m)=28, you have to distribute the negative outside the parentheses into the 8 and the -m.

-1 times 8 = -8, and -1 times -m = m. So, you have 8m-8+m = 28. Can you take it from here? (Hint: Collect like terms)

For the second equation 8x-5=15-x, add x to both sides. 8x-5+x=15-x+x. Simplify and you get 9x-5=15. Do you understand those steps?


Yeah, thanks!


Ok, so, I got this absurd number;
Did I do it right?


That’s correct! You would notate that 2.2, but with the second 2 with a bar over it. You would call it “2.2 repeating”