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We need to make this in Hopscotch, no matter how impossible it is



but if it's impossible then it might really not be possible


Hmm.. good point


Unless we do


With that apostrophe in there

Okay it's possible now


Ooh! Yeah! It's possible!!


I saw the Mandelbrot Set in Hopscotch! Woooooah!


Ooh okay. That would be exciting. I need to rewatch the video again first, I don't fully understand how it works.


Hehe, me neither. 4D stuff is really awesome but it's a bummer because we can't visualize it


This is a pretty cool 4D animation


Yeah, that's a shadow of a 4d hypercube rotating. It's pretty awesome, we should make that in the MatHS Team collab

It would just be a sin/cos moment of points and we'd just connect them. Oh! And we should be able to manually effect them! Yes!!


Amazing video about mathematics and quantum mechanics! If this makes sense to you, you're lying :joy:


I have a you know how there's sine and cosine for a right triangle....what about something related to sine and cosine of a 3D right triangle? Is there such a thing, or has it not been made possible yet?


This could help with that......


Huh but I don't really understand it


Hmm, neither do I lol



That was easy

You calculate the angle and do that stuff


Do you know anyone who does understand it?


This is interesting :slight_smile: What do you mean by a 3D right triangle? :open_mouth:


I meant a triangular prism that was shaped like a right angle.....

it would have made sense if it was more specific sorry


I am a terrible mathematician, though considered "good" in my grade...