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Hey guys, I'm going to do what @t1_hopscotch mentioned, which is to delete all of our off topic posts about xse and ihaveexpactations

This will help by cleaning out our math topic, to make it more mathy and less un-mathy stuff. Thanks! I believe t1 can delete the rude comments by xse and ihaveexpactations because she's a mod now. That's helpful!

Adding a tag list of all the people in this argument:
@JonnyGamer – finished deleting
@t1_hopscotch – finished deleting/editing my posts
@MR.GAM3R (hehe, you only have one which says to get back on topic! :sweat_smile:)

Thank you everyone for your cooperation!


I tried.

But do I have to delete the part when I ask xse about hyper planes?


No, that's not off topic, so it's fine :smile:


Can someone give me a math question?

I'm bored.


Think that first Gödel's Theorem video was a little incomplete? Here's some extra footage!!

And.. even more :sweat_smile:


I know how to find Q


Look inside the quotation marks


True true true tru tru true true true, but wrong :sweat_smile:

There might be some hints in the above posts :thinking:


Also, could I have some help on Terms and Polynomials?

I already know these things.


In algebra, a term is either a single number or variable, or numbers and variables multiplied together. Terms are separated by + or - signs.


A polynomial is an expression of more than two algebraic terms, especially the sum of several terms that contain different powers of the same variable.


More about terms

Writing a function can have infinitely many terms:

But let's start with just the first term, which is the constant

If 5 were out only term, it's just like saying: 5 * (x^0)
To simplify that to 5:
1. we take (x^0) = 1 (anything to the power of zero is 1)
2. 5 * 1 = 5

If we have 2 terms, for example:
5x + 5

That's exactly like saying:
5(x^1) + 5(x^0)

As you can see, the more terms we add, the more the "powered" values on the "x" go up.

That's just the basics of terms, I'll type more on this

My iPad just crashed after a huge thing of text. I'm frustrated. I'm working on Docs now.. or just finding a link..


How can x be 73 and 300 (294+6) at the same time???

If you want to make a brain teaser, make everything but one thing not work..

And q is in the quotation marks XD


There's another q. :smirk:


Yeah, I quoted it.. yep..


You found the secret! :smile:


This is a pretty cool topic, and it's really interesting to read what you guys have been saying! Math is a really amazing subject to talk about and research.

(Also, @t1_hopscotch- I've never heard of these books you've been talking about...



Hey! That looks cool! Is it a mathematical bookshelf? I'm starting to make one myself


Ahhh :joy::heart_eyes:
The Key To The Universe was the first I read, we have a box set at home now. Have you seen the Murderous Maths website yet? :laughing:

And wow you have other ones too, Horrible Histories, Horrible Science, even Horrible Geography :open_mouth: I hadn't heard of Horrible Geography before that and I haven't read any of those actually, but that's really cool :sunglasses:

And wow that sounds awesome!! Funnily I've heard about making a bookshelf for programming but I hadn't really thought about it for maths yet :open_mouth: I remember how many books you added to the maths resources list! :smiley:


Yeah, kinda. My bookshelves are completely full of math books, science books, programming books, and things like that.

@t1_hopscotch, nope, I hadn't, but I'm checking it out now. It looks pretty cool!


Augh! revive! Revive! Revive!
Maybe you've all seen this video:
(It disproves one of John Conway's $1000 questions! Found only last week!)



Apparently it's Brady Haran's birthday, so Happy Birthday! :balloon: