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Ok, I can't solve that. It's a way too hard for me​:sweat_smile:
I need some practice first. I'll be back in some years when I'm better at math.....


Hehe, okay. Can you simplify this?


If you can't solve it, then simplify this:



I don't think you're able to simplify that, at least not what I know.





Look at jonnygamers post to see the answer


LOL I was just spāmming random digits.


I know the answer is √53.


That's ten numbers higher than Pink Sheep can count!





In feet, what is the length of the missing side?

The answer

If it were a right triangle, the side would be about

In feet..
92796.18 ft

mins and maxes

Minimum length: 2000001cm
Maximum length: 3999999cm

In feet..
Min: 65616.83ft
Max: 131233.56ft


The most ridiculous geometry problem in the world.


Did you convert centimeters into feet? :joy:


Oooooooh, snap..


Huge numbers, aren't they?


I don't think this is really possible xD


Yeah, it's intentionally ridiculous, like The Impossible Quiz. XD


Nice problem!
It's not too bad, but it's very enjoyable
But yeah, pretty big numbers
All you have to do is a couple geometry theorems I luckily remembered


I like making problems with huge numbers.


Who wants to be utterly perplexed about the incompleteness Theorem!