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I don't really know anything about hyperplanes, but they appear to be subspaces of one dimension less then the amount of dimensions in the space.
For example, a hyperplane in 4 dimensions would be equivalent to a 3d space.


I honestly don't understand what you just said.


Hmm, okay. Thanks for the answer!
Using that information, I'll try to understand more of it from what I see online. :grin:


Maybe you could, you know, GET A LIFE.


I understand very little of multiple dimensions either :slight_smile:

Ohhh I did not realise, but is it like what a square/2D surface is in a 3D space then? :open_mouth: A hyperplane in 3 dimensions is a 2D space?


Calm down. Like t1 just said,we're trying to settle this issue Peacefully.


I took a look at this :smiley: the text animation is awesome!

Do you mean conserve momentum when moving through a portal? I think it might be easier if we use variables for all movement to do that :thinking:


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Yeah. For flinging and stuff. Also, we should make the person detect a portal on the floor, while not detecting the floor.


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Yeah, this is not a grammar topic. This is a math topic. Nobody cares about grammar.


So, we solved that problem? There, now we can talk about math.
@Healeybot1 do you still have that question about momentum?


@Gobli09 Yeah. I do. Can I have some help with that?


Yes, very true!
Hyperplanes would be 3D objects.

Just like if a 4D object was shoved into a 3d universe, we'd only see chunks of the 3D objects (or hyperplanes) that make it up

Read the book Hyperspace by Michio Kaku, provides a lot of thought
Also, the book What to Make and Do in the 4th dimension by Matthew Parker is great as well! :smile:


Sorry, I was just asking. I'm not very sure myself on how to put in momentum.


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