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It looks more like multiple word definitions. 🤷🏻‍♂️


Post 315.


You know how there are 2-d lines? There are 3-d plane figures. I got that question figured out. See? With an x y z chart.

But my question is about 4-d and up hyper planes.


Post 315. I just said that.


Um okay? I wasn't talking about your post, though I don't think it should be post 315. More like 351?


I replied to 315. That's what I kept saying.


Oh sorry. Yeah, it has multiple definitions. But that wasn't the point of the question.


I really just wanted to know if this topic could help me code momentum in a Portal game.


Wow! Thank you so much! I will take a deeper look into this and give credit to you when/if I publish the project.


Any sign of the collatz conjecture?


"Special schools?"
It's not because it's special, it's because it's their curriculum. Also if you are this "smart" don't you have better things to do other than insulting people?


@Stradyvarious posted about that! :smiley:


I know this isn't math.....


Hehehehehe, so PhUNny! Hahhaah


You can make it math...:smirk:
Multiply the number of protons in oxygen with the number of electrons in Magnetism. Then divide that by -2.
Yep, it's easy. That's one way to make it math, though.


@t1_hopscotch here he is.



@t1_hopscotch. Yay. Be my guest and solve this problem....

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Hey @xse okay we're more than happy to just focus on the content of these discussions right now, the arguments were over too @TheRealBlah_Backup :relaxed:

I know you contribute rather interesting points otherwise, but if there's more trouble it's not worth the effort of everyone :( for you or for us too.


While you're there, can you answer my question, not get into a series of insulting everyone?
Please could you explain hyper planes, as in the 4-d figures? And what they are used for, or why people even want them for?


I'll see if I can take a look at it in the app :smiley: