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That's because it's a trick question :smirk:


He said it was a tricky trick question and left. I hate it when that happens.


that's funny :sweat_smile:
Would you like me to give you a hint?


Yes please! :anguished:


What does the dictionary say about "find"?

Post number pi!!


UM it says this sorry if I'm being too close minded:
verb: find; 3rd person present: finds; past tense: found; past participle: found; gerund or present participle: finding

discover or perceive by chance or unexpectedly.
"Lindsey looked up to find Neil watching her"
synonyms:	discover, become aware, realize, observe, notice, note, perceive, learn
"you'll find that it's a lively area"
    discover (someone or something) after a deliberate search.
    "in this climate it could be hard to find a buyer"
    synonyms:	locate, spot, pinpoint, unearth, obtain; More
    search out, nose out, track down, root out;
    come across/upon, run across/into, chance on, light on, happen on, stumble on, encounter;
    informalbump into;
    "I found the book I wanted"
    retrieve, recover, get back, regain, repossess
    "the police found her purse"
    antonyms:	lose
    discover oneself to be in a surprising or unexpected situation.
    "phobia sufferers often find themselves virtual prisoners in their own home"
    succeed in obtaining (something).
    "she also found the time to raise five children"
    synonyms:	obtain, acquire, get, procure, come by, secure, gain, earn, achieve, attain
    "I hope you find peace"
    summon up (a quality, especially courage) with an effort.
    "I found the courage to speak"
    synonyms:	summon (up), gather, muster (up), screw up, call up
    "I found the courage to speak"
    (of hunters or hounds) discover game, especially a fox.
    "she heard the new halloo—they had found"
recognize or discover (something) to be present.
"vitamin B12 is found in dairy products"
synonyms:	be (present), occur, exist, be existent, appear
"caffeine is found in coffee and tea"
    become aware of; discover to be the case.
    "the majority of staff find the magazine to be informative and useful"
    ascertain (something) by study, calculation, or inquiry.
    "a forum that attempts to find solutions for multimedia publishers"
    synonyms:	discover, invent, come up with, hit on
    "they say they've found a cure for rabies"
    perceive or experience (something) to be the case.
    "both men found it difficult to put ideas into words"
    synonyms:	consider, think, believe to be, feel to be, look on as, view as, see as, judge, deem, regard as
    "I find their decision strange"
    discover the fundamental truths about one's own character and identity.
    "I did psychotherapy for years—I wanted to find myself"
    (of a court) officially declare to be the case.
    "he was found guilty of speeding"
    synonyms:	judge, adjudge, adjudicate, deem, rule, declare, pronounce
    "he was found guilty"
(of a thing) reach or arrive at, either of its own accord or without the human agent being known.
"water finds its own level"
synonyms:	arrive at, reach, attain, achieve; More
hit, strike
"her barb found its mark"
    reach one's destination by one's own efforts, without knowing in advance how to get there.
    "he found his way to the front door"
    come to be in a certain situation.
    "each and every boy found his way into a suitable occupation"
    (of a letter) reach (someone).
    reach the understanding or conscience of (someone).
    "the books of which I have been speaking found me and taught me"

noun: find; plural noun: finds

a discovery of something valuable, typically something of archaeological interest.
"he made his most spectacular finds in the Valley of the Kings"
synonyms:	discovery, acquisition, asset More


When I said to find "q" you probably thought I meant to solve for it
What I meant was to find "q" it's hidden on the page :smirk:


Q as in question? It makes no sense! Does anyone else have the answer?


61? 288? :grimacing:


I hid the letter "q" somewhere on the page. It's like a mini search and find :smile:


No it's a big search and find.


Only in that one post, not the whole topic, that'd be bad :sweat_smile:


Hey look who put that 'q' next to the 6 over there? Well, I found that. Yippee, I found it.


Awe man! You found it
If you check the whole post, look what happens


Guess I didn't cheat proof it enough :sweat_smile:


Then how else are you supposed to find it? It's funny though. :joy:


I made it extremely tiny, so I guess it was a bit unfair anyway :sweat_smile:


Oh well.... You did say to 'find' it and emphasized on that point. I don't see what happens to the problem after finding the 'q'. :slight_frown:

Sorry. ):


It's ok!
I like trick questions.. :smile:


Okay then. Have you ever done Breakout EDU? You have to solve locks after finding the answer to them through hints, clues, and puzzles.