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@JonnyGamer, I've learned much more pi since last time:
I'll learn more and more slowly.


I recommend a digit or two a day. That works the most. I was going to do it after Pi Day but forgot :sweat_smile:


Ok, I made like 10-15 digits today​:sweat_smile: Maybe 20 idk


Wow! That's a lot! Nice!
There should be a Pi memorizing competition, but people could cheat easily..



I think that after a while it will be much harder to learn new digits and remember the old.


Also, I have al the pi digits up too 38 at my password. That's a good thing for remembering it.




Me too


3.14159265358979323846264338327950288419716939937510 :slight_smile::upside_down::slight_smile:


Emm, I need to learn a little more to beat you. How to you learn it? Do you just learn it or do you have any tricks?


Yeah I just learned it :sweat_smile:
I did it by memorizing a couple a day, and then repeating it in my head over and over again. I had a lot of time to do in 3rd grade.. :joy:

I used to know 100 but if forgot half of it over time


Ok, good to know.


I was going to mention that apparently there are pi clubs you can join if you memorise 100+ digits! :laughing: I don't know if there are actually though, as I haven't seen any yet :slight_smile:


I've heard of that too!
I haven't seen any either, it might be kind of fun! :sweat_smile:


You've inspired me so much the last time. Right now I just want to learn more and more math.
Thank you​:slight_smile:


I like the number pi! I can't memorize any of the digits, but in my free time at school I tried to write the numbers down. (Sorry if I interrupted any conversations.)

And I have a question. I asked my father about plane figures, but I didn't quite get it. Can anyone provide a kid-friendly visual of three plane figures intersecting? And maybe also an explanation of of hyper planes, as in those which are four dimensional and up?

Again sorry if I just barged into this topic. I just want a kid-friendly explanation because my dad didn't explain it well enough.


I think feel free to jump in whenever if anything! And that sounds really interesting, I have not heard of plane figures before though. I just did a quick search of 'plane figures' & '3d plane figures' :thinking:


I actually have a Hopscotch project on that!
for triangles and lines..

2D Sandbox

@t1_hopscotch I saw your Chaos Triangle project! It's amazing!


The project is cool, it solved some of my questions I didn't say. I'm not ungrateful, but what about 3-d planes?


I was going to do a 3D one but it was very hard. @CreationsOfaNoob would be good at that! (gotta read that 3D perspective Wikipedia page..)