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Ooh I think you can decide :slight_smile:

@JonnyGamer, I was just thinking over this again and remembered you do have a section on your blog post for problems so you can have that place too if you like :smiley:


This is just a warmup for another question coming soon—

This was literally raw from meh math book
also don't use a protractor k




are you going to solve it


Yeah, I have school though


go ahead


@JonnyGamer saw that lol


Right after school is done (I'm in math class right now, lol)


Idk, are you going to solve it?


i did
in class
in September
it was homework


Nice, it looks like a fun/tough problemo


Not that tough
It's a nice brain trainer, though


Yeah, it looks really fun
I've seen a couple of things like this


Oh, lol...


"Lol," are you really gonna be that dude that ends up in jail for abusive actions, for insulting many people, and trying to electrocute people? I sure do think so.


Oh sry

Was still thinking about this and getting factors didn't lead anywhere for me haha :)

Found out that 3,628,200 = 23 * 3 * 52 * 6047 but this didn't give me any ideas :upside_down: so it seems like the idea I had of looking at the factors didn't seem to help. hmmmm....


Possible has to do with pernumations, combinations??..
Checking to find it in Pascal's triangle.. this actually might be the right answer!


I'm absolutely stumped. Obviously no combination of addition, subtraction, multiplication, divison will work in 3 characters, no brackets, no functions because function name + parentheses is 3 characters without the argument. Also 6047 divides it so no factorials ,tetration ,logarithms, exponentation. The number isn't in the Online Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences. It's not in any common sequence (Fibionacci number, Bell Number, Stirling number). It's not in pascals triangle for any 3 or less character position.

My only hope is some binary operator but chances are slim. Is there a solution?


That's very hard I tried out some factors but it doesn't go in.... hmm...:thinking: