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Just because they have gifts, doesn't mean they aren't autistic.


Ooh there's still this which I had forgotten about, still very worth mulling over it hmm :thinking::slight_smile:

And ooh I know only about some of the xckd comics (which can be funny and thought-provoking although also I think some are more inappropriate) but I like the part of them making things accessible in nice doses. Does this book run similar to that? :smiley: (Hehe I'm not quite up for a bit more attention heavy content at the moment, just casual browses :upside_down:)

minor frustrations with this problem

First instinct was "oh, this is 10!, that's easy!" but of course,, i go to check it and, welp,, 10! is 3,628,800, not 3,628,200. So that's out.

I'm going to go hunt for factors here and see... I think a square root may be involved?? idk


Oh, I've heard of the book. It's a book full of random questions, and then extremely methodical and scientifical answers to those random questions. It makes for a fun read, although I prefer to take it a single chapter at a time, to avoid brain overload and to make sure at least some of the forumlas and infrmation is absorbed.


Yeah, the book doesn't have the raunchiness in it

(I was quiet sad when I figured out the online did have it though, because I was excited to tell my parents about this new science resource. Little did I know about xkcd at that point and my parents told me not to use the site)


They are, but they're not nice. There are kids in this forum and I don't want others cussing in front of the kids. This is one of the dangers of social media. sigh.


This is a cool topic. I like math! Right now in school it's not fun because we got a good teacher and I already know pretty much about the subject.


Yeah, that's a bummer. Would you like a math problem to think about?


Ok, I'm probably gonna post a math problem here that my grandpa told me a while ago. (I forget it now but I'm gonna call him and ask) it's pretty easy I think but taking a long time to make.



Here's mine

if x is even and less than ten
And y is odd, but greater than 5 and less than x
What is x*y?

I have another one I'll edit in

If a square is inscribed in a circle with a diameter of 5, what is the area of the circle, subtracted by the square? (Sorry, this doesn't give a nice solution)


Your: I think there's many answers: x= 9/8/7 y=6/7/8
So it could be 6*9= 54, 6*8= 48, 6*7= 42, 7*8= 56, 8*9=72


I don't know the other one. I don't know how to count it out. I'm not that good at math yet​:sweat_smile: I have to practice


X must be even and y must be odd. So, x can't be 9 or 7.
Good try, though


Oh, I didn't think about that. I'll post a really hard math problem here sometime. I'll try to make it by myself first.


Oh wait, if was pretty easy. I didn't though about that y was odd and I didn't know what even is. I'm swede​:sweat_smile:


Oooh woah that's really close!! that seemed like such a good fit though hehe.

I gotta go but thanks @XiaoMiaoMi and @JonnyGamer for telling me more about the xkcd book :smiley:


I think that the answer to the first one is 56, x=8 and y=7

Erm I'm not so sure about the second one.


Nice you got it right!
Yes, the second one is a though one. It will all make sense when you do Geometry and learn about pi (it's actually really interesting!).

Also, I'm sorry about @ihaveexpectations, that was a really nasty issue


so 5 would be (x being square side length) xroot2.... yep this doesn't seem very friendly already


For the second one, I have a guess? 15.421230825151625 It's probably not right. I can't think straight because my Gifted teacher is retiring and she was a good teacher.