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Why Chu not come so come no ones there with my get party Everyone was fighting exept happy duck so plz come only two people tho.


I’m sure 73 was a typo for 72, but to solve for x you have to divide by 5



Oh yeah, good catch.


I don’t because she would ban me again ;_;


Hehe that is true :joy:
You’ve lucked out that there aren’t many admins that are active lol something like that


More entertainment

We need xse to sell popcorn to feed our nonexistent wife and kids


We need to make the big bucks somehow to support both our families


you should be fine, I just completely skipped pre algebra and next year im doing algebra 2

im in seventh as well so good luck


Oh I’ve missed you too JonnyGamer :sob::grinning:


Wat r u here for a bit


Hey! I haven’t seen you in a while! Hello from over yonder!

I’m learning JavaScript right now I’m super excited :smile:


@JonnyGamer?!?!? Your here again? My maker fair project is almost done and the fair is happening tomorrow!


Sweet! How’d it go?!


It’s meh heheh




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