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It’s okay. It’s just one picture.


for the four 4s are exponents allowed? does it have to be fourth power


Yes, like 4^4 (which is a big number)

However, you may do: 4^(4 - 4/4)

Aw snap, I forgot one rule.

You are allowed to do .4 (4/10) and .4 repeating (4/9)

Aw man better add that :frowning:


oh ok cool
i bad at maths lol


I’m gonna start working on this again :ok_hand:

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What would a 4D dude look like in a 3D world? Normal? Or weird?


What would a 3D person look like in a 2D world?
Idk probably considers abnormally screwed :joy:




I don’t know, go live inside a Game & Watch to find out!


I miss t1 :/



Hi @JonnyGamer, right now I am a 7th header in pre-algebra and I kinda want to start some Algebra 1 stuff. Is there any significant gaps between the two? Thanks.


Algebra 1 is harder sometimes.


Yeah but right now pre-algebra is really easy for me, and it’s time I make the jump.


Algebra is just some advanced pre algebra, it’s all the same though

Do you know how to solve formulas like:

x/4 = 17
(5x)/3 = 72


Well the first one is just multiplying 17 by 4. While the second is what I don’t actually get.


Okeedokers no problemo :ok_hand:
The second is written as:


— = 72


this should help some


No. I’m like halfway through algebra 1 and its basically the same. Without the !omg division


Second is (73·3)·5=x