The Nostalgia Club



oh yeah porings were a thing

Do you ever regret that?


Yup. I will miss those times


Yup I miss those times


Sorry… I didn’t mean to do that.


And nice, cute, uwu, rule-abiding, emoticon-obsessed citizens.


don’t you mean chakins


Chakins are mysterious creatures that pop up here and there and then transform into non-chakins when they’ve had enough fun.


Hey peeps,
What a great place for me to show up!

2016 was a great time…
It’s my first day back here for a looong time

It’s nice to see you @StarryDream and @Serenity (if you remember me)


OMG @Maltese!!

I still remember you, not sure if you remember me, but that’s fine xD


omg wait i think i do!!! hi!!!


aslkfdjalskdjf it’s been such a long time since I was last here!!
how are you?


im good, though im dealing with a lot of problems right now i just need to get through it


i hope you can get through them!

feel free to message me if you want to talk more about it :smile:
im happy to help :blush:


It’s so nice to see you again! Are we meeting on docs? @Maltese


I tried to join but I don’t have access :joy:


Just saying, Ana said on ChickenGirl’s GT that docs and videochats and anything else that allows chatting outside the forum aren’t allowed.
Not sure about whiteboards, but everyone on the drawing topic won’t like that if they aren’t allowed.


i tried signing in but it wouldn’t let me sign out of my personal account so ill try to fix it today


I obviously don’t give a flying mouldy pear about rules and I chat outside of forum on a daily basis.



You’re not supposed to say that…


@StarryDream My request never got approved.