The Nostalgia Club



Sure you had some great time, amirite?


It wasnt that fun tbh…just downloaded the app bc school ipad had it


I see your growth and development throughout the years. You changed so much and I am proud of you.

The leader/mod demotion was a major turning point. It made us more free and equal. We’re even now.


same??? but i didn’t understand your conversations most of the time


Jagoda of confused in Polish.


google translate will always be my best friend


Guys this brings back so many memories I forgot about

Who remembers when people would chat on docs




Can’t believe I’ve been here for over 3 years :triumph::triumph:


Really?! Thank you I really appreciate it

And I do agree I was super jealous of the leaders and when they got demoted back I was sad because I wanted to be a leader but was also relieved because I could have like regular conversations with everyone and become better friends



I loved that so much we need to do it again :(


Nina’s is w o d k a.

Or beer.


nina’s is complaining about everything, mostly about her life


I am still the ‘trying to fit in awkward kid’ today. I was gonna make a comic but then I couldn’t figure out how I would make the hopscotchers in the comic know who I was xD. Except for SarcasticTVHead; they like my projects often and talk to me here on the forum.


A bit of wódka helps everything.


Is there still a kewl kidz klique here? Maybe, I don’t know.


Just curious (because I haven’t been here in so heccing long) wasn’t this like really strictly prohibited? Is the forum much less strict now?


i joined the app some time in 2016 and joined the forum in march or maybe april (im too lazy to check) but my first post was on the PORING TOPIC TO @XiaoMiaoMi



p o r i n g s , , , , , , g. OD


Nobody really gives a flying spaghetti monster. We’re all pretty carefree nowadays.