The Nostalgia Club



over 2 years, actually. i joined in march 2016 so in 3 months ill b 3 haha


I joined in August of 2016

why am I still on this website


We all ask that question.


And I joined eight months before that and I’m still on here lol.


That was the case for you. To me, there was this period of being the awkward kid trying to join the cool clique and be popular like you. Silly was I, forced myself to like inside jokes, created a pretentiously quirky/cutesy persona, wrote in the most irritating improper spelling and all that “uwu” jazz that was popular at the time.

I wish that my past self was influenced by my current self earlier. That would be so fun.

I did have some amazing time with my friends who now all left. I had an alive and well general topic, an active running club, small but loyal fanbase, etc. The old times that will never come back…


I used to have an old, old account. Something people never knew. It was back in the day of ‘16, when Skitzo and CelestialTeleporterSans weren’t even around. Even Katronus was still around. She wasn’t very fond of me XD. I was like, 8.


XD SAME. My old acc was @Peril-the-Skywing.




I joined in November 2015 on the app. I’m even older than you are. But I’m probably younger at the same time.


I joined October 2015 rawr. (or maybe it was september)


casually joined the app in October 2013




yeah u no know that?


I don’t remember what month I joined hopscotch, but it was sometime in 2015 or maybe 2014


joined the app in fall 2014 as a school-enforced coding account, made a new acc ended up exploding in 2015 because of the follow finger + art update, joined the forum in 2015 (first few posts were in the new years’ party topic, oh man)


Ive been on the app since September 2015(I’ve stopped using it though) so 3 years and on the forum since February 4, 2017. So almost 2 years.


(ಠ‿ಠ✿). PERIOD


bruhhhhh no way did you seriously feel that way im sorry :sob:

i didn’t know i was that popular i just wanted friends to be honest i didn’t feel really popular either and was jealous of so many people

but im glad you did have some fun though it was a really good time back then


I joined when there wasnt even accounts on hs


Wow, older than I thought.