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Can anyone decipher the meaning of this post


I just realized how old I am on here. 8’)


Woah you’re almost 3 years.

@petrichor is two years and so is @BellaWafflez17


well he also has masterofairjitzu account. (yeah idc bout names)


i’m about a year and a month


Oh. @masterofairjitzu I can’t seem to find it. I’ll try the / search thing. :grin:

EDIT: It seems maybe it’s @Themasterofairjitzu yes it is, it autocompleted.

Oh, thanks @Mr.rex too!


I’m almost three years too, January 18th next year is my third forum aniversary.


well actually i’ve been on HS for a year and a month, but only on the forum for a few weeks


Woah he’s been 3 years already! And he’s still actively contributing! Or did he leave when I was not looking??/ :thinking:


i still feel really new


I joined the app on November 1st.


i joined sometime in nevember last year


Dang, I even feel like a new user with all the ancient people on this topic and I’ve been here almost 2 years which is so hard to believe. I feel like most of the changes on the forum have been for the good. I just miss all of my close friends that have left. That’s what makes the past so much better than the present. This time last year…wait, no, not this time last year (that was horrible)…20 or so months ago was the best of my time on the forum and I doubt it’ll ever be that good again.


@Maltese, I’m not sure if you’ve been tagged yet, but I’m sure you’ll enjoy this.




I miss my old friends too.

Oh wait, I didn’t have any.


awesome its old woman yells at cloud time


bottom text


yeah i have and i am :relaxed: