The Nostalgia Club



I’m still a bucket of cringe

You’re not cringey and I don’t think you ever really were


No, I was.


Everytime i talked i was like “omg lolol hahaha : 3 XD”

And i created 8 topic abt me leaving for attention


I still remember you and the seven head jokes and your edgelord mode that scared the burning fireballs out of me.


I was cringier.
I made a “rate me” topic, posted horrible art on the drawing topic, and used XD in every other post.


Yehehe I can still go back to that if I wanted too lol


Ehhh well I’ve seen worse


I’m dying of laughter right now.
no offense


You haven’t checked out my old topics yet…

You have to admit it. I was the cringeist person on the forum.


None taken.
At least I didn’t take any


Okay anyways does anyone know where the flip button usually is in a drawing app


Yep, because you’ve seen me. :grin:


Lol nahh


Yep, and you threw that “why you suck so much” speech on my feed back topic. I present to you my sincerest gratitude even though it did not help improve my character at all.


i’m pretty new
i mean, i feel new compared to most of the forum
i’ve been here for less than a year wow felt like a decade


Reading old posts and topics is fun, you should do it everyday for two to five hours.


im gay.

idek anymore



There’s also more cringey stuff I wouldn’t like to post it’s so cringey…


Look at you, fluent punctuation and correct sentences! How can you say those are cringe? The ideas aren’t even cringe.


yo actually the forum used to be like … so good and now it’s like .

like i had so much friends and stuff and i felt validated :(

i knew everyone would become inactive someday but idk its just sad to see people disappear

like you guys helped me through so much :( and im still struggling but its definitely been easier because of the support and everything