The Nostalgia Club



Mate, I suggest you go for other programming languages and have some fun.


I do agree with the interfering part. The forum was more active than it is now. The main groups (omtl, pomtl) only have half of their members active. I’m one of the constantly active people, and if someone replies I’ll answer back usually right away or just like the post right away


hey remember when everyone had that same cat gif as a pf

oh and the cookie thing


everyone in 2016 was so tame


oh man i love pusheen


can i pls join i’m old too guys


You… joined this April…?


I am older than @sweater rit rit


u didn’t add bff fro fro (@SmilingSnowflakes) :((




I’m still decently new


pretty new, i wouldnt consider you old at all


I’m an old user at Hopscotch but decently new at the forums


u replied to somebody without tagging or telling me SMH


yeah same, i joined hs in like 2014


I remember that, made me so confused.


rmbr when everyone’s pfp was @SmilingSnowflakes drawing for like 2 days




my pic is still smilingsnowflakes drawing .


hi malty do u like elephant