The Nostalgia Club



I’m so sorry, fixin’ it right now.


I joined in like 2014 or 2015 I don’t really remember when


I joined the app on October 2015 and the forum on April 2016. Great days, good times.


I miss the great time we had almost exactly a year ago.


Everyone else totally misses the great time we had with you last year, too.




It’s almost the end of the end and next year we will have 2018 nostalgia,


Lol yeah


No one hardly even codes anymore, pretty depressing.


True. It’s all scrawny comics and doodles and random stuff.


How I wish that I can draw comic.


There goes another year of reminiscing and not really living for the moment. What did I do in 2018? Think about 2016…


It’s really sad no one even codes anymore. Kinda why I stopped using hopscotch.


Go learn a real programming language.


Spent partly reminiscing, partly skipping school, and partly reading books.


Back when HS was first released the editor took up the entire screen, and the stage was just in the corner of the editor. I miss those days.


Also, summer 2016 is when the forum was at its height it went all downhill from there


2016 was the peak of Hopscotch…


Here comes another year of “last year was WAY better!”. Happy New Year and I wish you all a fantastic 2019.


Except that 2018 sucked for me and I am looking forward to a better year