The Nostalgia Club



Basically, a club for people to whine about how everything is not a good as before. Recommended for people who joined in 2016 or earlier. Newcomers of the forum can join in the discussion as well. Good old days, here we come.


I’ve never been on Docs before and I want to give it a try. Go here if you wanna join.


New hopscotchers are just inferiorating


2016 kids rise up


2015 thank you


YOu KIDS HavE No R E S P E C C!!!


Tagging more people:




I liked it when people didn’t join the hsf just to go on the drawing topic

i mean, i joined for actual hs purposes at first. i changed because i wanna stay hip with the kids


When I actually coded every other project


omg remember the hopscotchers against bullying topic


I thought Hopscotch lacked communication features so I moved to the forum. One small decision, one big trainwreck.


ipa.d away


I founded the club with good intentions. It grew, flourished, flourished even more and now is on the edge of death.


Remember when SmileyAlyssa used to chat


Joined 2013, yeet


I remember in 2015 I peeked at the forum and thought “nah, I’m not prepared for social media”. I wonder what would happen if I joined back then.


I joined the forum at the beginning of this year and it’s been pretty good


You probably have not heard of the 2015-2016 forum. We had leaders and mods patrolling, rules enforced to stop us from chatting casually, that annoyed the living hell out of me.


I’ve heard of the moderators, and I do believe they should come back, the forum is “kind of” a mess


I joined in 2015 (on a certain old account that I do not want to mention)
I joined the forum to improve my coding skills and now I have ended up only improving my art skills, thanks I guess


It would be nice if they just do the “serve the people” type of moderation instead of obnoxiously interfering every small talk ever like the olden days.