The Next Hopscotcher Game


The forums doesn't have a lot of games so i decided i would make a game, here's how to play...

i am going to guess the next person who will view this topic will respond and if it was the one you said then you win that round. Do not put the @ before the name for a hard challenge if your up for it. :slight_smile:

Don't use same person more then 75 times! :slight_smile:

Don't be mean and start flame wars, if off topic will be flagged and comment is ignored.



have fun starting with @Malie


maybe @KVJ will see


Nope, I'm guessing @Maltese will be next




I'm guessing @Rawrbear with be next!:wink:


nope Im guessing
@BrokenTime will be next


wow who knew!!! :wink:

i am guessing @BlackPrincess


Nope! I think @Pingu will view next


Ye. :D
I think @PixelMaster64 will look- view next. :00000



I think @Maltese will view next


Hi lol

I think... @smishsmash will view next. :3


NOpe Im guessing @Mathgirl will be next?


Nope! I think @UltimateCoder will reply


Nope, I'm guessing @UltimateCoder will be next


Hai XD
Nobody had guessed me but I liked all the posts XD

I think
@VanillaOwl will see this



Well... same????


Nope! I'm guessing @smishsmash will be next
@MrHotdog64- We replied at the same time too...


Nope I'm guessing @EP125


Nope I am guessing @Anonymous


nope im guessing @Maltese