The Newbies Guide to Hopscotch



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I hope y'all don't mind being tagged, I thought this might be necessary to keep the topic helpful and relevant :wink:


I already posted how to make a blur


Hey why did u delete my tutorial @JojoDude??!
I liked my how to upload a screenshot tutorial there!


Sure ! Go ahead !!!!!!!


I didn't delete it...

It looks like @HappyDolphin must've accidentally deleted it when adding her stuff:

It looks like @themasterofairjitzu's stuff disappeared too!


Ill go ahead and add it back, brb


Phew, thats better. @JojoDude how is it now? Better? I put back the deleted stuff.


I put it back up. Dont worry about it :smiley:


Can i add a potentially helpful rule?


Sure! As long is it's helpful. If it's not, I'll remove it.


Ok thx @Steelhooves! :blush:


Heres how to put in a picture!
For iPad:
Press the arrow when ur posting. Then, press camara roll and select a picture
For computer:
simply drag out a pic from the internet and put it on the screen. Then, just put it in a post box!


I think u put that in all the other ideas above!
(Under help for newbies from other hops!)



@Paige1212 is correct!