The Newbies Guide to Hopscotch



#The Newbies Guide to Hopscotch


There are a lot of “I’m new to the Forum/Hopscotch” topics and there are a lot of topics that explain how to use the Forum, but what if we combined EVERYTHING into one topic? Formatting, good questions, bad questions, good topics, bad topics, how to be friendly, what to do, what not to do, IDEAS :bulb:, and help for the new! This Wiki Topic will allow EVERYONE to edit EVERYTHING all into one, awesome Topic! Please keep this bookmarked or have it on Watching so that you can come back to the topic for help whenever you need to! I hope this topic helps Newbies, Regulars and EVERYONE in between! :wink:


1. Don’t edit the RULES list without my permission.

2. Be nice and remember that there are a lot of things that Newbies don’t know and you shouldn’t judge them for it.

3. ONLY edit in HELPFUL information!

4. Feel free to add a hyphen “-” and your name after your tip/idea if you want credit and make sure you ask for permission before using other people’s ideas or before copying information from other people’s topics.

5. Stay on Topic! Please, don’t get this helpful topic flagged and closed because you disagree with someone else, we all have opinions and we want to give the Newbies a good impression of our community and what we do here! :wink:

6. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT edit tips/ideas that you do not own.


Please edit your information in a “details” container below the next line so the topic doesn’t get too crowded, I’ll start off by making a tutorial on how to add a “details” folder/container!

##Help for Newbies from other Hops!

[details=How to make a details folder- by JojoDude]First, press on the settings icon in your toolbar on top of the post editor:

A nice menu bar will come up, press on “Hide Details”

Now, some text will appear in your editor:

Now add a title where it says “Summary”

And add some text and pictures:

You should be done! Great job! Now use these details to help other Newbies such as yourself![/details]

How to make a blue, bold or strong text? by CatWithABrush :<ok>D

Blue text: <a>Write here your text!</a>
Italic (Bold?) text: _your text here_ OR *your text here*
Strong text: **message**
Striked text:<s>text</s>
Small text:<small>text</small>
Big text<big>text</big>
Fill the space (how to break the twenty characters) <blahhahhahahahha>

How to make a poll? By HimynameisMeredith1

There is 2 ways: if you read the first tutorial (how to make a details folder) you’ll see that there is a “Build poll” option

Once you press that, you can choose if it is multiple choice, number choice or single choice, you can type in to 20 options (one per line!)

You can also show who voted or it can be anonymous. :wink:
Or you can do this:
[ poll ]

[ / poll ]
For demonstration purposes, don’t put ANY spaces between the 2 polls and / with the brackets (make them touching) and also put a space between the - and the choice (ex. - choice)

How to blur by StrongerThanYou

Everyone these days want to add a blurred text so no one wants to know what their saying. Here is 2 easy steps to get your text blurred!

1:click on settings (like 1&3), and click “blur spoiler”
2:from there, you can add any text you want inside the brackets(it should say “this text should be blurred”. Edit that to what you want.)
Your finished! There should be a example down below.

like this :slight_smile:

How to defy the 20 characters rule! By Silverdolphin

If you post something and you need to get rid of the 20 characters rule , just simply do this <type your text in here>

How to make extraordinarily small text - Steelhooves

You may find this text small, but it can go smaller
Like this. You can barely read this no matter how hard you try. Seriously, it goes that small.

To do this, simply add <sup> a gajillion times.

[details=How to upload a screenshot by Paige1212] so first you press upload and then you press the photo you want and then it will have a check mark and then press reply or create topic
There you go now you can post screenshots! [/details]

[details=Helpful how Tos by Nindroid Games™]
Make a Shop
Make “And” “Or” “When Blocks”
“Clean up” Code
Basic Values[/details]

[details=How to upload pictures/GIFs by HappyDolphin]
How to upload GIFs/Pictures! :smile:

Remember, this tutorial is only for people who use Windows computers :stuck_out_tongue:

First, you click the button circled in the picture

Second, you click ‘Choose Files’

Find the picture you want, click the picture, then click ‘Open’

Ta-da! You have a picture/GIF. :slight_smile:


[details=How to speak Hopscotch (feel free to add more)- JojoDude]Fren= Friend (you probably figured that one out though)
Gice= Give
Knifu= Gun
Lifu= Life
HAB= Hopscotchers Against Bullying
HF=Hopscotch Forum
THT= The Hopscotch Team
And we like to use xD a lot[/details]

[details=Trust Levels- JojoDude]Trust Levels on The Hopscotch Forum:

@trust_level_0: The rank that you start with
@trust_level_1: Basic, it takes less than a day to achieve and you’ve probably got it already!
@trust_level_2: Member! Be active for a few days-weeks and you should be able to achieved this rank. You get some more replies and some more likes because liking other people’s posts is fun!
@trust_level_3: Regular! You need to be on for 50 days in less than 100 days, and read 20’000 posts! Regular goes to good people who don’t get into arguments so try not to get involved if someone else gets into one, you could get flagged or suspended which will lower your chances of getting regular.
@trust_level_4: Only the Hopscotch Team can get this! Something happened and cut a long story short, the old Leaders were banned.[/details]

##People who worked on this:

This is a list of the people who edited this to make it better. I will tag these people Regularly to make keep them updated with what’s been added:


Feel free to remove yourself if you don’t want to get tagged or add yourself if you do want to get tagged :wink:

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Hello everybody !

Cool idea!


Congrats for being first! I'm making the topic Wiki now!


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Sure thing! As long as it's useful, you can add it! And that's useful! :blush:

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A screenshot tutorial sounds great! Can't wait to see it!


I've changed the name, it does sound more official, doesn't it?


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The time between when I made this topic and now was overnight (Australia Timez) and during the time I was asleep the topic now has 6 tutorials! I hope this topic continues to grow so that The Newbies Guide to Hopscotch can be one of the first things that Newbies see when they join the Forum!

Keep the enthusiasm coming and remember that you can post actual in-app tutorials or YouTube links here too!



Oceania Crew—North NZ here!


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Yup! Good luck fren! Can't wait to see it!