The New Year (Best of 2017) Recap! Chat! Vote!



We are so close to The New Year. It is time to recap, vote, and chat! Let’s go!


Alright, so here are the rules.

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  • Never bully Flag immediately if you see bullying


Alright, so before we vote, we need to choose projects. This topic is on Global Edit, which means that you can add projects that you thought were just amazing!


All projects need in by January 5th at 12:00pm ET

Have fun!

If you aren’t having fun, leave immediately!!

Would You Rather?

Here are some would you rather polls:

Would you rather…

  • Be bored
  • Have fun

0 voters

Would you rather…

  • be weak but look strong
  • Be strong but look weak

0 voters

would you rather…

  • Never have New Year
  • always have New Year

0 voters

Would you rather…

  • Never eat pizza
  • Never celebrate your Birthday

0 voters

Would you rather…

  • Eat cookies
  • Eat cake

0 voters

Would you rather…

  • Have better drawing pads on Hopscotch
  • Have better games on Hopscotch

0 voters

Would you rather…

  • Have no drawing pads on Hopscotch
  • Have no games on Hopscotch

0 voters

Would you rather…

  • Never use the internet again
  • Never watch TV again

0 voters

Would you rather…

  • Become smart
  • Become dumb

0 voters


Oh, wait, one more…

Would you rather…

0 voters


Happy New Year everyone! Have fun!


Yay! This year was definitely different! For the US and for the world.


I’m thinking everyone can agree with that!


Yes! It is! This year has been fun!


no it hasnt, not for everyone lol


LOL!!! Are you sure? This year has been amazing!


I don’t even like pizza lol


Meh…not for everyone…I didn’t like it too much…I only like the friends I made


eh idk, i burned my self several times, blew a robot i made up, fried a raspberry pi

i should just stop electronics lol


Oh, ok… Well, okay… Sorry about that.


It was good, socially for me. I went to a new school and ended up liking it, and making new friends! Other than that, it was normal.


For the last poll… I’m already pretty smart so it’d be fun to try being dumb (only if temporary).

This year was pretty garbage for me. I liked some parts though.


I like this topic! The polls are fun! :D
Happy New Year guys!!!


This is fun! I love polls but,
Rather be smart or be du.mb
Who wouldn’t want to be smart


Lol im already string but look weak




@Panthera Really? LOL!!! I made those polls so that we would have something to talk about!


TYSM!!! Hey, why don’t you stay a little while?