The new update: WHY, JUST WHY!



the new update has many problems, and u might have these too:
1. for me, this is the worst problem: hopscotch for me is now vertical instead of horizontal, and its hard to code for me!
2. some people have school iPads and cane even update. i wouldn't say this is an actual problem, but its happened,
3. the activity doesn't work unless i re-open the app. but sometimes it still doesnt work. the last time i got activity was 3 days ago! does this happen to u?


the new update has many problems that needs to be fixed!


Ok so i just got the new update the day before and i dont like it all because of 1 and it was a lot more easier before it was vertical! To me thats the biggest issue


Frens, I think there are a lot of topics for this already. Let me find one...

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im not @Kiwicute2016


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Thats not ok with me


U don't need to delete or recycle it everyone does it once by accident let her hav her own topic as there already is loads of this topic


Ok. I just thought you could copy your topic and add it to another topic with the same subject.


Ok! I'm sure I have as well. It's just this is a very popular topic right now...


I just wanted to show to ppl 3 of my strugles and see if they agree!


That's because everyone hates the new update I think like u can't turn it arrrrg annoying right and layout super confusing grrrr.... Lol :wink:


I'm going to add this cause you guys seem disappointed in the update

By @Kiwicute2016


thanks. but overall,


That's a good way to put it. I like that additude.


lol like the mlg glasses? it took me a while to look for them online....