The New Update! 😢 Or 😍




Download new Hopscotch update!
Recycling in progress
My review on the new update

I'm no expert, but I think it has some wonderful new functionality. I'd say, give it a good workout! Push it to it's limits, along with yourself. See how it goes. You may come to love it. Everything takes some getting used to...


Hi @oio,
I love the way you code.

I'd say you're in the top 10 HS coders.

Don't you admit, that having like 900 layers of code stacked on top of each other is a bit... Claustrophobic...?


You are so sweet to say that. Thank you. And, yeah, I do admit it, but maybe I just have some getting used-to to do as well! :slight_smile: Guess I'll have to take my own advice! :laughing:


I absolutely love the new update! :D

The new layout is clean and pretty. :D
It's really easy to access the diffrent texts/characters in the project fast!

It gives hopscotch a diffrent feel. :D
Depending on what you like, it's a great new feel, or a terrible new feel. XD

The lag in my project is gone, so I'm guessing the lag has been reduced. :D
^^^ YEY! :D

The new layout is going to need some getting used to, but I think it's worth it. :D


@oio thank you! :wink:
I'm just going to have to cope I guess..
But I have friends on HS...
Ok I must stay on topic but there's more

Anyways yeah, the new update will be hard..


:cry: says it ALL


Well when I heard about the new Hopscotch Update I was like to the Hopscotch team :laughing: The Update is ok, not too good, not too bad. Im glad for the new features, but it is different


I haven't updated yet. I know I have to, or I can't view projects made with the update.

Oh well. If oio thinks its good, that's good enough for me! (Cause he's awesome, and if it suits him, it suits me)


@Timelord007, got a question for you. Since we go to the same school and probably have the same update (it's different for 6th and 7th for some reason) whenever you publish a project on HS, does the bird always pop up?


I haven't either- I've been viewing all the text projects from people like Funky by pasting the link into the search bar- it shows it in the web player and lets you read the messages. :slight_smile:


I don't know though. I really like the editor, even without the new functions. Copy and paste is probably very helpful though.


Ya.... It does, but I have the new update on another IPad, but I am only experimenting right now. The only project I published since the new update has bird on it


I don't like the new update at all. It makes coding on HS 10000000000000 times harder. But I guess I'll get used to it eventually. :slight_smile:


I think it's boo.

I am pretty much pausing coding on HS on my Huggingfluffybear 2 account.


Really? How so? You don't think the new functions outweigh the difficulty to get used to?

(I haven't updated yet, and I'm wondering about it. I don't know if I should update.)

Do you think it's worth updating?


Do you have the update?


It's been hard getting used to the update, but if you think you can, get the update. If I were to go back in time, I would've chosen not to get the update, but if you think you'll be fine with it, go ahead. :slight_smile: I personally don't like it though...


It's definitely worth updating. The reason most people are complaining about it is simply because they aren't used to it - wait a week or two, and resurvey the people who said they don't like the new update, and I bet you they will say that they like it now.

It's a big change, yes. And it takes getting used to. The only way to get used to it is just to dive in and start making big projects with it - and you will soon realize it's not as bad as you make it out to be. But it's a good update, and it is worth it.


Yeah, you're right!

Thanks for all the information! Your post was really helpful! I'm going to update now.