The new update! (info and petition)




This topic will tell you everything about the new update, and give you the chance to get things you liked about hopscotch back. If you have any questions after you read this, ask me on this topic!

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This topic is a topic where hopscotchers can tell everyone what they think of the new hopscotch, and learn about the new update.

Petition #1 having a rotating editor


petition #2 getting the old editor back

The new update!!!

THT has just released the biggest update ever!!!!!! There are new math blocks, a brand new editor, copy and pasting abilities, and much more! But hopscotchers said they would quit because of the new coding platform.

New update goods

  • we get to learn about the new platform
  • awesome new math blocks
  • coping and eating blocks
  • iPads and iPhone can work together on projects

New update blues

  • More glitching and crashing
  • no screen rotating
  • new platform
  • other hopscotches do not like it.



it was the best one


@Kiwicute2016 can you make his global edit


yeah @Kiwicute2016 can you make this editable by everyone?


yea, having the editor rotatable would be much better, especially if you want to make something in landscape orientation

it is now a bit clunky to work with if younare used to the old one


@Liza, @thomas, and anyone else on THT, the project links aren't working right. I mean, they do take you to Hopscotch, but they don't open up the project. Is this something that you changed purposely with the new update, or is this just a bug?


Sounds like a bug. We will look into it.


Thank you!


Stahp it! Look what Liza posted! :grimacing:

Jul 12
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Jul 12
4h ago

TA DA: It's back!

That's right! We heard you guys loud and clear, and just released an update that lets you code in landscape and portrait on the iPad. YAY!

It's super important to that Hopscotch is easy to use, and it was clear that portrait only wasn't helping most people. It's also important to learn quickly, and we're grateful for you quick feedback so that we could improve.

Get the latest version (with landscape!) here:!-learn/id617098629?mt=823.

Let us know what you think! If you like it, leave a review to help encourage other people to make cool stuff on Hopscotch like you do :slight_smile:

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