The New Update: Feelings



What do you think about the new update?

My feelings are: frustration because I can't understand this.


Also, I don't think I can code on hopscotch anymore and might have to go


If you added why you don't like it and what you do like about it, the Hopscotch Team will be able to make it better :D


That may be some of the idea of why I made this :wink:

  • I like the new update
  • I don't like the new update
  • both/meh



Can you do a both button :grimacing: pleews


U can barely code it will take twice as long.....uuuuuug u know how I mentioned I have a busy life @maltese with this new update my life will be twice as long meaning my time for everything twice as less aaaahhhhhhhhhh

I'm going to cry...


Well, many people said they disliked the update, so I decided it was best to not update anything. I don't really want to mess up on how I code, so I just stayed with the regular non-updated layout. I mean, like a few people said they wanted to quit because of the update, so I decided its not a good idea.


My feeling are

I love the update
It's a little frustrating to get used to but amazin at the same time :D


If this update came out 100 years ago we would be like


Im having trouble getting it...

Like the app not the thing.


Do you like the new update

  • Yes
  • No


Votes are public.


Vote people!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I agree with you sooooo much. The update is AWFUL




I can't draw, code or do anything. I can hardly even type on there! UGGGHH


It may have been listed in some other topic, but now I can't find it, it's seems to have been lost all of the other topics, but what exactly is bad about the new update? I heard some things about zoom issues, not being able to do anything, while others say it's fine. Is it an issue that affects only some players?


I seriously, honestly, DISLIKE the new update!!!!!!!!!!
That new update drove me SO crazy that I want to




What's wrong with it?


No some people have not updated and its with people's opinions