The New Update and How it's Affecting Hopscotchers



The new update is awesome!
Unfortunately, the update is blocking some users from viewing projects. I remember, when I didnt have the update, I couldn’t really view anything. I wonder if there’s any way to allow people without the update to view the projects of the people with the update.

Thanks, @ExistenceExistsToday


no, whenever theres an update (not a patch) theres usually a new feature that you cant get rid of so backwards compatibility is impossible. i wish it were though :(


Maybe you could view the project (play it) but not be able to view the code or remix it?


What’s the update got?


no because the functionality for the new blocks is added in the app with the update so when they tried to call that function it would crash the app


drawn pictures and set image


As in the new update where you can make your own characters?


No, I don’t think so … it’s the one with new variables, I think, like “Horizontal velocity” etc.


Probably not - as there are new features in this update, the editor and maybe the project as well would not work for your Hopscotch version.

Hopscotch projects are downloaded to your device and then played (At least I think so). So, it would be like building a super car with lots of features and then trying to “load” the car into an old Jeep. It wouldn’t work without lots of modifications, and it is the same with Hopscotch projects unfortunately.


I see. Well, in that case, people just need to somehow acquire the update if they want to be able to access the newest projects.


Well those variables don’t actually mean anything till you assign an object and number to them


Right. I bet lots of people, i.e. Young kids, won’t “assign an object and number” to the variables. But we can’t view those projects either, so wouldn’t that mean that there’s got to be something else in the update?

What I’m thinking at this point is that just from the variables (etc.) being there in the first place even though they might not be used, the screen isn’t able to display the project to non-updated users.


Those variables were added because they’re used by the ‘Bounce’ custom rule. If a project isn’t going to use that rule, then just rename them.


Then why are they there?


Yeah, well they don’t only have to be for a bouncing object


For the tutorial and so I don’t have to tap the Make object variable button


Can’t people name them themselves? Is it too much effort?


True. If the name suits your needs that’s fine just keep them. I was just explaining why they are there to begin with.


Like maybe an object flying across a screen, a flappy bird game, where the vertical velocity has to decrease to make it drop. I am not actually as smart as I sound


no, theyre in the bounce rule

otherwise it wouldnt work and stuff

inexperienced coders might find it useful