The new thing you have to do with details


So, since the forum updated, I see a lot of drop boxes that are not working! Here is the trick:

First, do this:
Tap enter after finishing your sentence, then start detailing!
Then, this:

[details=what your details is]
What you want to put in here

After that, do another enter!

That should make it like this!



Help with stuffs

Very helpful! :+1::+1::+1:




Evil hair


I thought it was always supposed to work like that......
That's what always do with details.

Helpful topic for people that don't make them like that though. ;D


Very helpful! Great topic!


Thicks! I had to discover dis too.

Will this work

Hi testing


I'm kinda confused about this topic...




Ah...I see!


I've been trying to do this and they're not working.


I was wondering when someone would clarify for everyone


I was wondering that too! So, make a topic. XD

How to make details/folders work! Yes, they do work lol