The new magmaPOP is




I do not know how I found this, but look it up yourself!




I don't really think that's the real MagmaPOP, he addressed that he quit and... I just don't think he made a new account XD


I did not think that at all xD

But yes, that is most most likey true


@VanillaOwl I do not think that is the real magmaPOP either, but he/she can make everything magmaPOP makes (I think) idk


I just thought you guys should know that we might have a new magmaPOP, idk
I just found this account and thought it was most like magmaPOP so I thought I should show you!
(it is a shame the real magmaPOP left :disappointed:)


Well maybe he did..maybe he was tired of being loved by everyone and maybe he just wanted to be like any other hopscotcher!




Guys! Look at what animePOP just made


Magmapop would not make that sort of thing


I know, maybe this person thinks different then magmaPOP.


*Reads title
omg wut?

I don't think that MagmaPOP will come back on a different account without an announcement!
Like @VanillaOwl said, he said he quit XD


animePOP published a better one



there a kewl coder!

I don't think they are magnaPOP tho.

But they rock!


I am going to be watching animePOP's profile. I will keep you updated!


lel the web player can't handle the smoothness of the background


Wow if this was Magma POP I would I miss him!


MagmaPOP left because his school iPad was taken so why would he have a new iPad?


does anyone have any ideas of what animePOP might be making next?
(Just wondering)


No, it's probably not him. My reasons...
-why wouldn't he return to his old account?
-if it's to start without getting all the attention, why'd they say, "the new MagmaPOP?"
-I'm pretty sure MP would capitalize the "a" at the beginning.
-wouldn't he tell us on the forum?
-many people have claimed to be MagmaPOP, what makes him/her different?
-maybe we all just want MP back so we're trying to convince ourselves it's him, you know, to feel better.
-those projects were good, but MP codes very differently.
-the first project's similar to MP's codes, but he wouldn't really use the same code so often
-no •~•, how can this be MP w/out •~•? JK...