The new hopscotch hotel!


Before i start this I wanna say, I made the original HS hotel so I have no need to give credit to anyone if you see a HS hotel that was made after the original thank you.

HELOOOO and guys this is the hopscotch hotel RETURN

So like what is the HS hotel?
its evil

Nah it's returning because it's awesome :smiley:

So basically what it is is a chance to collab with other people meet new friends, chat and just have fun and be silly :stuck_out_tongue:

You will be able to check into the main hotel lobby with a chatroom, (a while ago Liza said this was okay)

And as well you can book a room for a week a day a 3 days whatever as long as it's not over one month :smiley:

If you want a room or collab room( staying with someone)

Please contact a HS hotel staff member and let's get into some rules

In your room you may publish projects, but not delete any deafault projects

If you suspect you are hacked contact the manager or staff member. We will take the key from them and give you a new key :smiley: if it gets real please contact Liza or

Once your time is up log out.
You may still have access to the lobby and stuff and the room will be wiped except, the publish projects will be safe!

But anyways what do the roles do?

Staff: gives people info about accounts and has access to staff rooms and also
Can help you with anything

Moderator: checks the chatroom DESTROYS Mwahaha the chats that are bad. And had acsess to mod room.

Member:can get a room and relax sit back collab chat and enjoy then get a way

Manager: checks on every room and chat rooms and does whatever xD

Manager assistant only 1 person first person I review second third yeah I choose lol.

Maid: decorates the room and if you have empty drafts deletes them

Also, to get a room fill in this form

Fave color:
What you're into:
What's your fave HS character:
Fave avatar:

And that's it!

Have fun and enjoy your stay at the hopscotch hotel!


Also, please say when your logging in and out of the account and save any drafts!



Profile picture avatar!


Oh, like an HS character. Umm... I pick Star Girl


That isn't a option anymore, if you update the app you will see.


Oh ok, pizza


Ready for room info?

Sorry For the wait I was trying to get ed sheeren tickets.


Yasssss! Ed Sheeran is awesome! Yes I am ready... lol


So what's the chatroom?


Want that info as well DUR

I totally forgot lol


@KiraForPrez u ready?


Yah I'm ready


Like when u have it.


Fave color: Blue/Turquoise
What you're into: Dinosaurs, Space, Science, ETC.
What's your fave HS character: Dino
Fave avatar: one of the ones with all the different shapes





Cool! I really really really need to work on my projects so I won't have time for this, sadly. Good luck on running the hotel though!


Is it ok if I start a Hopscotch restaurant?
Idea: I could serve the main dish(Game idea) and the side(Game Extras) and the drink(My Opinion)
I wanted to ask you because your Hopscotch Hotel is my inspiration.


U cool like really cool