The NEW hopscotch competitions



My little secret

Ok guys I can't keep this secret any longer, I am visiting family on the other side of the world (not exactly) but close enough for me to be saying that. That means you have to be on super late to join (unless you are in a different country) but there is also more news to share, I am rarely online, that means you have to join the competition As soon as possible.

How to play

You have 35 minutes to complete a project on a topic I will choose, that includes publishing it and posting a link on the forum (so I know you have not cheated) I will start the game when there are at least 10 players.


  • No copying

  • No collaborating (unless given very special permission

  • Must be up till 1:00 a.m. U.S.A. Time (If you are in a country on the other side of the world forget this rule)

  • No bad words or bad amojis

all the info

This game starts with a basic thing, then when you finish that you move up to the next level. You have 35 minutes to complete 1 level, you may finish early if you like. The last person standing wins a huge prize.

Ways to get eliminated

  1. If you do not complete a level, publish it and post it on the forum in time.

  2. If you do not do everything the level requires

  3. If you do not publish your project and put it on the forum between levels

  4. If you disobey the rules

  5. If you do not show up in 2 days

What should your project look like?

This is just an example

What should your forum post look like?

It should look exactly like this but with the link to your project not my test project

level 1

Coming soon when people join

need help? I will give more info if asked.


I will join! :slightly_smiling: :slightly_smiling: :slightly_smiling:


Ok cool @BlueOrangeFangio have you started watching he topic


Yes I have :slightly_smiling: :slightly_smiling:


What are we supposed to do in it anyway I don't really get it


@RubyWolf1 you have to finish levels that I will type when at least 5 people join


Ok let's tag people @BlueOrangeFangio


I'm not sure we should mass-tag!


Idk either how about random people that just pop in your head


I am starting to tag now


@Rawrbear @MagmaPOP @SmileyAlyssa I'm just wondering if you have time for this contest.


I have invited some people


Do you homeschool? Or why are you on right now (it is 7:33pm here)


Nope, it's a Sunday here. No school


Oh yeah I forgot sorry, I feel bad. :worried:


Anyone else want to join?


No, I already have a few projects in progress, plus two active collabs. Sorry! :\


Well I did tell Work kids that people wouldn't want to join... See you later!


This sounds cool! Either way, I can't join, because of the time stretch, plus this.

Sorry! :\


I would've... I just can't. Please understand!! :grimacing: