The mystery of silver_dolphin and kitty cute


This is a mystery being solved ! Please join if you can !

Can you please achieve this ?


I'll help.

But if this is the hater, then you should just report him, and move on, instead of drawing attention because that is what he wants you to do.


Ok ! I will try to ! Can you report her please ? She is not nice to me !


Yes. She deleted all her projects though.


She has not ! At least , I do not think sooo !


You should email the hopscotch team instead of posting this on the forum. It's like feeding the flame. If this person sees you react, she'll (he'll?) only want to hurt you more. And that shouldn't happen. :D


Maybe you could say that in another way?

It sounds a little bit offensive and people might flag. D:

You can just email the hopscotch team and they will take care of this. :D

EDIT: @Silverdolphin thanks! :D


I know ! I have emailed the forum but no reply !


You mean the Team? It takes a while for them to reply, you have to wait a week at the most. Usually Meg or Liza reply in 1-2 days for me though! They won't reply immediately! :D


She republished them !

Look at this link :

It is about you !


And did you receive the automatic email? If you didn't, your email might have not worked. ;-;
I would email again if you didn't receive it! :D


Cool ! I hope they email me again !


I have not yet received the automatic email !


Uh oh. :frowning:
You should try again. Also, your links don't work for me. If emailing doesn't work, reporting should be just fine! :D


That's not good! D:

Just report the project and ignore them. :D
Don't give them attention, that's probably what they want.


I don't think this is attention !


It is a type of attention. I would close and unlist this topic if you want this harassment to end. :slight_smile:


@Silverdolphin Saying "Hey! This person did ___ "
(Not really what you said. XD) is attention that people want.

Idk why people want to be infamous lol

Again, please just report the project and ignore them, telling the forum isn't necessary.
You are giving them the attention they crave, it would be better to ignore them. :D


Wait, what did this person do? What mystery? Is someone being disrespectful? :0

Sorry, I don't keep up with anything. XD


I can't open the links, could you maybe post a picture instead?
But as the others said, it might not be very good to draw attention to them.