The "My Random Topics"- Allowed... Or not?



I've noticed the "My Random Topic" topics are getting active, which means people are going to start making them... I'm not dissing the people who made them, I'm just making an announcement to everybody else... Anyway, with the increase of activity on the few that exist, people are going to start making more and then... Boom... They are taking over the forum!
So we were chatting about this on a topic, and I decided we should make a topic addressing this before it goes to far! What do you think? Should they be allowed? Or not?

  • Yes
  • No
  • ???



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Really, the answer is maybe. Like @Gilbert189's topic, people can reply freely, but on @Follow4LikesOfficial and @MagmaPOP, not so much.

I don't think that they're right for the forums as the forums are for helping others and spreading ideas, not limiting people's responses.

But then, the creators of the topic normally will get upset/mad if you post on their topic without permission. No one wants to be yelled at so most typically stay away from those types of topics. It also can give people a bad feeling when they aren't tagged, possibly making them feel unwanted or unimportant, which isn't the goal of the forum. We want everyone to be happy!


My Random Topic
Only reply if you are tagged

LazyLizard replies,
They chat, add more people, and then they all chat only if they are tagged.


Maybe we can try to find a way to make them more open to everyone, but still have that same "My Topic" feeling...


Normally, I tag them to let them reply if they keep liking the posts, I'm a nice person. :wink: Just don't like it if it clearly says "please do not reply", and then someone writes "trolol rebel".


I'm trying to recreate a messaging system, but its still public.


I had to ask a question OS was the one who did that


Wow! 28% of people said yes!

I had this really good idea during school today about it, but now I can't remember! (I hate it when that happens!)


So, guys, allowed or not?

  • YES
  • NO



Well, the reason I made mine is because there are just some random things I'd like to some people, and if I said it on a different topic, it could potentially be marked as off topic. That's why people make them, and as long as it's all Hopscotch related, it should be allowed. :wink:


Good point, but I just think with the huge increase of users, there will be lots of these, and then it will turn into drama. I am thinking of a way to include everybody who wants to join. :wink:


Explain how it turns to drama. :wink:

I really feel like arguing all of a sudden!


People create topics about how others need to be included, rebel against the people making the topics, and I would explain more but I have homework.


Well, after a day, no one except for one person "rebelled", and that was just to say thank you! As long as people follow the rules, it's okay. It hasn't happened a lot. :wink:


@Liza and @Kiwicute2016
Do you have any feedback about this?


@Kiwicute2016's feedback is right here! :yum:

@Follow4LikesOfficial, any thoughts?


Check out the 3rd post on this topic! :wink:


Why I do it:
There is no messaging system on the hopscotch forum.
I message people there, and the regulars can see it.
It's kinda like this.
There's three people in one room. Two people are discussing something formally, and the third person just came in to see what they were up to.
In a middle of a conversation, he says "HAHA LOL WHATS UP REBEL HAHA". Do you really think that's mature? I don't. :T
These topics are fine, because you can always tell the person your thoughts about what he/she said on a linked topic.


Oh, forgot about that!
Thanks! :wink: