The “My Project is Stuck in the Filter” Topic



Wait no it’s not “love”


“Dickinson” got your project stuck in the filter. All of the other words are fine.


@Awesome_E This has been stuck in the filter for 2 months now. Any ideas why? @Ana or @hopscotch-curators Could you take it out? It’s really ba.d, and I don’t really care about it, I just want it out of the filter. Thanks!


Tag @hopscotch-curators curators, this is their job if Ana can’t get to it, I’ll try and see though

I’m actually testing part of my Siri Shortcut, so give me some time (though I do have another device)


Thanks! I tagged the curators.


The project has a word “loser” in it. I released and unpublished it, consider changing to smth softer.


Ok. Sorry. Thanks for your help! Where does it say


It seems to have been in a deleted object


Hmmm. Ok. How do you figure this stuff out?


No, don’t worry, just change the word.


Ok. Thanks!


When I looked at the project @Stylishpoopemoji33, it was in a deleted object, so Ana, I don’t think SPE33 could have done anything. Thanks Ana for fixing the issue


It’s not showing up in my drafts…


She said she republished it if I recall properly


Ok. I don’t really need it. It was bad anyways.


Do you see it in your drafts now? It might pretty far back in your drafts so just scroll until you see it, it should be there.


I didn’t… thanks though Alyssa/Madi!


Is the word “burned” stuck in the filter?


Yes, that is a good one


You mean it is or isn’t?