The “My Project is Stuck in the Filter” Topic



I believe it is “Instagram”

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Looks like this got flagged and removed… could you fix this? (Hoverboard Rush)


Oh yeah probably, thanks!


I dont care if people copy me


my project not being visible to public


Add copied, copier, and copy to the list. I think that’s why some of my projects are disappearing.


Yes. They do add it to the filter, but it seems to only be temporary.


I will check that in a moment


It does not seem to add it to the filter, maybe your teacher just has to check it first


The liking trick doesn’t work with it; you need to log out to notice its absence.


Or you can try and open in a web browser, but the liking trick is typically a 100% working indicator of a blocked word. Maybe what uke. said was a pending thing


No, literally two weeks ago I had this problem. It came out of the filter about a week ago.


Opens in Safari, which means its fine




Did you remix an old project of yours? If that old project was originally filtered, the new one will always be. Start from scratch and see what happens?


No, I started from scratch. All of my projects now get filtered, I don’t know why either


Well, doesn’t have to do with your username… idk


I know this is just a drawing but I tried twice (spent a half hour the first time) and both times it goes to the filter and now I’m just done with the filter


Pants. You’re welcome




Yes. Pants. Will get the project stuck in the filter. Weird. i know. yet “underwear” doesn’t :joy:

yee 100th post