The “My Project is Stuck in the Filter” Topic

It’s been taken out already


Ohh :astonished: thanks!


@Yuanyuan hey, my project Bears Best Spice Free Spicy Hot Sauce was rejected for what i presume was a filtered word (exe) which i removed in an update to the project, and should be perfectly fine now. Could you see if you could remove it from the filter? I’ve lost the ability to republish it as my subscription ended this morning and it was an advanced mode project. Thank you! :)

here is the project link if you need that


It’s recovered


thank you!


Hey, @Awesome_E, is the massive word list used to set accepted words the one that’s causing the project to stay stuck in the filter, or is something else getting it stuck? I already checked the text filter checker, which said “no matches”

P.S., it contains the exact same words as @Fundardo’s FunWord (I borrowed it, and I can easily remove it if need be, or if he tells me to).


This project no longer exists. I decided to remove the word list of accepted words to make it easier on the filter team.

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Hey for some reason my drawing is stuck in the filter I used the tool thingy and there didn’t seem to be any matches but its not showing up in my likes which is SUS

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Don’t panic, your project might just be in moderation since you updated the project (I could tell because the player version of your project is 1.5.x

Should be live in a few hours. Other times it’s due to the way some text is typed (which are not shown in the text filter checker). Awesome_E can tell you what they are, if any.


I didn’t update, but I remixed it, idk if that’s the same thing or not. It’s been over a day now and it’s still in the filter? And I didn’t add any new text besides the title which I’m certain doesn’t have any filtered words, and other projects with the same art pad are never filtered

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@Awesome_E My project was filtered and I don’t know why, here’s the link:


Hey! That project actually isn’t filtered anymore! (by the way it’s amazing!!)


Thanks so much! I really like making pixel art, so expect more from me!