The “My Project is Stuck in the Filter” Topic



Oh, maybe. Thanks!

Aaaand now ima have to change my username to something other than my original because of someone who made some account with my original username. Eh, never actually joined in 2016 anyway lol.


Wait do u want a cheat i can help u with that


The word su.cks in the title (we changed it to unban it).


Oh great the project is still stuck… Sometimes the filter is really randomly annoying.


I was thinking maybe that but it wasn’t its own word…


Although I do have a t in one of the value names, maybe the filter thinks the t is the last letter of that one bad word, with a space in it?


It’s out now :man_shrugging:
(I don’t think that was the cause but alright)
Nice job, an imposter stole your name :(

Go to this website, copy the character (select text field, select all, copy – yes there is something there), and paste it at the end of your username like this: tankt2016 [that thing])



Quick question, if you find a word that seems random but causes a project to get stuck in the filter, could you add it to the wiki on post 2? That would be super helpful

@SmileyAlyssa @Madi_Hopscotch_ @hopscotch-curators


Of course! Most of them are inappropriate words, but if we notice anything other than that we will.


Even if they are a little bad, it would be nice to know (example: some people may be unsure of the word “lo⁣ser” would get caught – it can be used to say first one out is the los⁣er and last one standing is the winner), but obviously no need to put words like the F-bomb in that list


Also, could you let me know if the recent edit I made makes sense? (It expands on what you edited in)

The ones you edited were all phrases filtered, not individual words, right?


Yes, it makes sense and that is right.


Okay, I really am annoying, aren’t I


Here is another one


@hopscotch-curators, could you check this one:

Please & thank you. I originally published this well over a year ago, then about 6 months ago unpublished & republished. Both times it was filtered. I just realized it could be because of the word “jerky”, which is used to describe a motion with abrupt starts & stops.

@Ana / @awesomeonion, would you consider sending users an in app notification to advise them 1) that their project was filtered and 2) why the project was filtered (as in specifically what word or phrase caused it)?


Yes, it is the word jerky.

Copy this text and replace the word “jerky” in your project with it (no I am not trolling you):


@hopscotch-curators Can you please put this in the filter? It is a blatant copy of mine that doesn’t need any more attention than it has

(You seem to be able to edit any JSON file, so you can scroll to the bottom and change “has_been_removed” to true)


In your project you say yourself is half copied though.


But mine wasn’t 100% copied, it was 1/3 copied from COSES (I had to make many adjustments and it looks completely different from his now) and copying music doesn’t count