The “My Project is Stuck in the Filter” Topic



Here is a new one @hopscotch-curators


Why exactly is this stuck @hopscotch-curators?
Take your pick with the links


Here is another one
And this one


Hi @Babybutterfly. What’s up?


It’s E-Pad, but I don’t know why it’s stuck @hopscotch-curators


@hopscotch-curators @Ana could this project be taken out of the filter please?


Here is one


@hopscotch-curators What caused that to get stuck? (Just to edit the list of seemingly random blocked words)


Okay, here is another one


I’m not sure that @hopscotch-curators look at this topic much for whatever reason.
(They probably are just busy but whatever)


Where is the list with blocked stuff?


Post 2 has the list, what are you trying to add?


Anyone know why this project is stuck in the filter?
Idk what word is causing it, i just want to take the word out


I will try but keep in mind it is hard and I can only guess which word it is. First, check the list of words on post 2


Just trying to view it. Maybe I can put it into a python program to scout the json file for these words…


or CTRL+F the JSON file (you can do this in a web browser)


I have a better idea… comparing that JSON with the hour earlier’s JSON


FI didn’t put any of the words in that list in there.
There’s “bathtub,” “makeup,” “forfeit,” “feet…”

I tried taking bathtub and makeup out but that didn’t help.
It had steal in it too, but the first version also had steal in it (as in don’t steal)
The first version had forfeit too…


Sorry couldn’t figure it out


Not sure, I don’t think it was a certain word in the project. It may have been the word buIlying in your username?