The “My Project is Stuck in the Filter” Topic



Similar to @Gobli09, I decided to make a topic, but instead of for unlounging, it is for reporting any projects of yours that are stuck in the filter. I, similar to Gobli, have gotten a little sick of seeing topic after topic saying that “it’s in the filter” or “others can’t see my project” under the Bugs category.

So, if you have a project that is stuck in the filter, please list the link here.
(@hopscotch-curators can you put this on “watching”?)

Before you post, make sure it is actually stuck. It is only stuck if you cannot see it in your favorites after liking it and if Safari gives a 404.

I will also compile a list of random words that get stuck in the filter (that don’t seem to be bad words)

Hi I'm new :0000
My Projects keep getting deleted when i try to post them 😭
Nominations for Featured 2!
Year Of Cod 🐟 : Vol. 2: dish out the “kawaii” lemons! still looking for the dam snack bar! NO -1 +2 STUFF PLEASE. Tankt is awesome -mc24 tankt is amazing -JACG. 2 words. Spamlike tankt -TDO [oh no lol -tankt]

Feel free to edit in any words here that are not inappropriate that get caught in the filter (this should be verified by @hopscotch-curators when they say that the word is why your project got caught in the filter):

This is for the APP not the Forum

  • Trigger (I use this with “Clone Trigger”)
  • Finger⁣ing (from the Ukelele project)
  • Chest (as in Treasure Chest)
  • RP and Roleplay
  • Lo⁣ser (If you say P1 lost and P2 won)
  • Bully (if you are saying don’t bully others, the project will get stuck)
  • Email (anything to do with emailing, phone numbers, a⁣d⁣d⁣r⁣e⁣s⁣s⁣e⁣s, etc.)
  • “Phone is Dead” (filter only acts when the phrase is in the project)
  • “Hopscotch Closing” (same rule as above)
  • “Girls rule”, “Girls drool”, “Boys rule”, and “Boys drool” (all of these phrases)
  • Jerky (as in laggy and inconsistent or as in beef jerky)
  • HasHit (was meant as the words “has” & “hit” in but picked up as HashIt)
  • Massage
  • N⁣e⁣g⁣r⁣o (Spanish translation of the color black, used in Minigames, though sometimes offensive)
  • Instagram (because promoting social media, but facebook and snapchat are ok somehow)
  • Blood
  • Pants (although underwear, garments, and shirt are all ok)

Year Of Cod 🐟 : Vol. 2: dish out the “kawaii” lemons! still looking for the dam snack bar! NO -1 +2 STUFF PLEASE. Tankt is awesome -mc24 tankt is amazing -JACG. 2 words. Spamlike tankt -TDO [oh no lol -tankt]

good job :clap:


@tankt2016 These are words that get caught in app filter, not forum filter?


I’m just assuming that if they’re blocked on the forum they’re blocked on HS but idrk


ok I only want words that I know are blocked in the app, sorry about that


This will be a good project!
I recommend that others bookmark it.


I believe the work Roleplay May be filtered
And that makes sense


Great idea! I think that this topic will be useful for lots of people.


Here are 2 for you guys @hopscotch-curators


@ThinBuffalo You published a project on HS with the word “Chest” and it got stuck? odd


Yes. My Pirate Adventure text adventure project has the text “Treasure Chest”. Sam informed me that the latter word caused it to be filtered (I assume due to the possible anatomical usage)


I’d assume that reason as well, but that is kinda odd
maybe only filter that as a phrase if possible @Ana?


This is a great topic that will be beneficial to many people! Great idea!


Here is another one
Adding another


Here is another one
Adding another to this list


@hopscotch-curators Can you put this topic on “Watching”


Oh why is everyone putting topics on watching now
I’ll be watching them anyway, I won’t need some computer program to give me heads ups
It’ll be so time consuming to change all the topics to Tracking oof


I hate when my project gets stuck in the filter. :hot_face:


We already did, sorry for not noticing right away. :slight_smile: