The music guess game


Hi guys, this is apart of the series that we are doing to keep the forum from having flame wars, and this is the music game! So basically, someone starts by commenting a lyric and whoever guess the song first gets to choose next. You're not allowed to look it up.
This game will help people bond and have fun!
Link to the series down below


I'll go first
"I can be selfish, yes so impatient, sometimes I feel like Marilyn Monroe."


Hmmmmmm lets see is it part of a rap?


By a rapper but it isn't necessarily a rap song


Is it Marilyn Monroe by Nicki M?


You looked it up lightning strike
But yes


Oh whoops XD
I thought it said you can look it up

Just proves how distracted I am right now


Is this game really related to Hopscotch? I know some of the other games may not be but they're for getting to know each other. Is this one like that?


lol you're funny
Your turn.


"I guess this is what it's supposed to sound like. The universe, the universe, universe is torn"


Okay, guess this song. Be warned, it is from the 70s:
"If you change your mind, I'm the first in line, take chance on me, honey I'll be free, gonna do my very best gonna be around, if you put me to the test if youre feeling down. Take a chance on me, that's all I ask of you honey, take a chance on me."


`DREAM BY ONEREPUBLIC! Did I guess right?


No one guessed my song yet!


Right artist doe
surprise surprise
lol you'll never get it


It's from mama Mia or whatever that's called
I know it, I just don't exactly know the name XD
"Take a chance on me"


This is Can't stop by one republic


you probably googled it but whatever XD


I read da rules. Hmm...I'll guess it...
Stop and stare?
Can't stop?
Counting stars?


Wut? I've never heard of a band called mama Mia. That is a name of a song by the band though. And we're you guessing the name of the song when you said, take a chance on me


From that musical XD
and if my terrible memory works, I think it's like ABBA or something