The Multiplayer Comp!

This event/competition/challenge is started by me (@Andpi) and all the currencies, rewards, and prizes are handled by me, not Hopscotch. You can find other similar self-started events in the latest #competitions-and-events or #shops-and-requests topics, or even start one yourself. Because this is started by me, Hopscotch and the forum leaders are not involved or responsible in any of the transactions here.

Hey everyone!

I recently reconnected with an old friend and she’s been super interested in my programming. I intend to create some games to play with her, but I also wanted to showcase some of the community’s games! Therefore, I decided to create this competition.

Main Challenge - Requirements

  1. Must be Multiplayer in some way
  2. Must utilize the following colors: (all are hex)
  • #a6a998 (sage green)
  • #9b7958 (mocha brown)
  • #a3b9c4 (light blue)
  1. Must be turned in by 2022-02-23T10:00:00Z

Main Challenge - Prizes

🥇 First Place

First Place Community Competition Badge
500 Seeds (from @andpi)
Follow from @andpi (if I’m not already following you)
Spamlikes - 50 (less if you have less then fifty projects) [app] (from @andpi)
Spamlikes - 100 [forum] (from @andpi)
Shoutout in the official end-of-comp project podium

🥈 Second Place

Second Place Community Competition Badge
250 Seeds (from @andpi)
Follow from @andpi (if I’m not already following you)
Spamlikes - 25 (less if you have less than twenty-five projects) [app] (from @andpi)
Spamlikes - 50 [forum] (from @andpi)
Shoutout in the official end-of-comp project podium

🥉 Third Place

Third Place Community Competition Badge
100 Seeds (from @andpi)
Follow from @andpi (if I’m not already following you)
Spamlikes - 10 (less if you have less than ten projects) [app] (from @andpi)
Spamlikes - 25 [forum] (from @andpi)
Shoutout in the official end-of-comp project podium

🏅 Participant

Community Competition Participant Badge
5 Seeds (from @andpi)
Shoutout in the official end-of-comp participants list

Side Challenge - Requirments

Submit a project (cannot be your own) that can be played as a multiplayer game before 2022-02-21T15:00:00Z to earn a small side prize!

  1. Must be multiplayer
  2. Cannot be made by you
  3. Must be submitted before the deadline

Side Challenge - Prizes

🏆 Submit a Project

5 Seeds
Shoutout in my website
Shoutout in official end-of-comp project


Want to judge? Let me know! I’m only allowing three judges (and that includes me)
I will be carefully selecting the other two judges. If you apply to judge and aren’t accepted, I’m sorry!

There are currently 0 open judging spots

  1. @Andpi
  2. @Tri-Angle
  3. @Heracc

Clarity Are the rules clear? Are they hard to understand? Did you understand the goal? 10
Playability Is the game completely unplayable? Is it impossible to achieve the goal? Does the game have good, smooth mechanics and an achievable goal? 10
Complexity Is the game very simple with only one screen? Does the game have multiple polished scenes or screens? 5
Look Does the game have a common theme? Is it unpolished? Does it have a clear, pleasing look or does it look put together haphazardly? 10
Originality Does this game seem like a remix of an existing game? Does the game seem new and unique? 10
Fun Did you have fun while playing? Was the game boring or uninteresting? 5

When judging, the judges will review each game and rate it in each category. These scores will then be added up to create a Game Score. Each project’s three Game Scores (one for each judge) will be averaged to create the score that will decide the winner of the competition.

The maximum score is fifty points


May I submit more than one project?
For the side challenge, yes! For the main challenge, no, one submittal per person
Can I transfer my prizes to someone else?
Yes! The only non-transferable prize is the badge.
I can’t participate, and I can’t judge/the spots are full, but I still want to help! May I help with prizes?
Of course! Just tag me with what you would like to give out, and to which spot - first, second, third, participant - and I’ll edit you into the op!
Can I request a deadline extension?
Yes! It will likely be slightly short, as i’d like to have some projects to show my friend once we hang out which will be sometime after the 21st but I will give a deadline extension to all participants if someone needs it


Specialty Tags:

Please let me know if something looks incomplete, if you have a question, or if something is confusing! I kinda rushed the OP haha oops


@anon68560021 here


Thank you! I’ll fix the op now


Cool. I’ll try to make a game for this


Aa I would do this but I don’t have much time


Check the new FAQ ^^ @Dragongirl1264


how did you know i’ll like this comp? lol

i’d like to judge, and i’ll participate (but i may not submit in time, i’ll do my best) :hs_space_pod:


Multiplayer :slight_smile:
I’m not definitely deciding judges yet

If you don’t end up submitting a project I’ll have you as a judge


(even if i submit something i’ll just have to not judge my project lol)


That’s fair haha


I would but I don’t know how to code multiplayer games.


It isn’t too hard. Just have 2 pairs of buttons 1 on right and 1 on left or however u want it and have the buttons control 2 characters. Then make it play however you want. If you don’t want to make a multiplayer game you could compete in the side challenge.


I would enter CTF multiplayer betas if I had time, but very cool idea!

If anyone else wants to make a full-on cross-device multiplayer, I highly recommend trying something new! Docs are always here:


@anon68560021 I’d like to judge!


lol you 99999999% win with that project :joy:


I should prolly know this but I’m tired - what’s CTF?


Considering that you said that I’ll go ahead and pick judges since the two who’ve signed up are both good at judging:

Our judges are @heracc and @tri-angle!


I would love to compete but there’s no physical way I can make a game by the 21st considering I have no experience:(



Even if you can’t participate in the main challenge, please participate in the side challenge! It’s as simple as going on hopscotch and searching for multiplayer games!

Please do try to find decent quality ones, like this one by TheCMStudios!

I will be rewarding anyone who submits projects for the side challenge, and even if you can’t participate, if you can find projects I’m sure my friend will love them!

Thank you!

Not tagging nest of pipers but y’all will prolly see this
(@DaughterOfHecate @Dragongirl1264)


I can do that pipes!