The Most Liked By


So, this is just a fun game I thought up while browsing through my notifications. I saw my most like by section:

I seem to like myself the most even though I don’t…

Next comes @PartyBot (also known as @Gobli09 for you people who don’t know)

Then @AHappyCoder No surprise there…

after that is @DECODECO, I still don’t understand how that is possible…

Then @sophia71205 I don’t understand that one either…

Then, finally, @minioncandy this surprised me as well

How about we all shared our most liked by’s?

Let the war begin!!!

All of these people MUST keep their positions in this most liked by. In everyone’s MLB (that stands for most liked by) people should try to be up there… especially if you are a spam liker. I know that @Gobli09 and @AHappyCoder Are spam likers :wink:


I am most liked by @Gobli09 , @Dude73 @photographer123 @BluBerries and @SweeTeaStuffz! Cool topic!


I’m most liked by (in this order)…

  1. @RubyStars
  2. @Maltese
  3. @KVJ
  4. @StarryDream
  5. @Rawrbear
  6. @treefrogstudios


Well I know Pinkcupcake8 is on my list


most liked list in order yey
@AHappyCoder with 1.2k
@smishsmash with 1.2k
@PixelMaster64 with 1.2k
@treefrogstudios with 1.2k
@Dude73 with 903
and @KVJ with 734


I am most liked by @WynterDiamond, @sophia71205, @HappyDolphin, @HopscotchRemixer, @SweeTeaStuffz, and @Panthera.


Most liked by:

  1. @Gobli09
  2. @PixelMaster64
  3. @GalaxyCat
  4. @PartyBot
  5. @KVJ
  6. @sophia71205

There’s actually a topic like this, so SBYP!


I am most liked by

  1. @TheDrawer
  2. @Elemental_Cat
  3. @PinkCupcake8
  4. @YogiLC
  5. @SmilingSnowflakes
  6. @photographer123

FearlessPheonix used to be in 6th, probably happened bc I spammed PC8 and PC8 spammed me back once lol

edit: PC8 spammin.g meeeeeeeee :0 XDD


@Gobli09, @DMF, @WhatsupWhatsdown, @sophia71205, @Petrichor, and @KVJ


  1. @MiNi
  2. @sophia71205
  3. @ValueGamesStudio
  4. @Dolphin_coders
  6. @Dylan329


wow I didnt even know it’s been what… more than a year? yikes I gotta get it together


1 @Paige1212
3 @TheDrawer
4 @Silverdolphin
5 @Explorer_
6 @CandyflossClouds



  1. @sophia71205
  2. @Dolphin_coders
  3. @KVJ
  4. @KoalaKrazy
  5. @BaconStudios
  6. @KayKat


You might want to re-check that XD


  1. @Artistic_cat

  2. @lollypopcorn

  3. @DrCrazyChicken

  4. @Dylan329

  5. @RubyWolf1

  6. @glam_unicorn


What @Dylan329 said… hehe


Uh huh…

@Dylan329 and @Dolphin_coders


I thought it was the OMTL but apparently I’m on there
Which I’m not going to stay on there for long