The Most Hilarious Bug Ever


You won't believe it...

That's really weird, and i forgot how i got it too. Normally, there are only three rows of blocks (theres 4 when bugged) and the bottom navigator is gone.


1 5 9
4 8 0
7 3 +/-
2 6 .

1 2 3 0
4 5 6 +/-
7 8 9 .


This happened to me multiple times too...


There's also



woah, thats even cooler xD


I can't stand that bug! I go top type in 123 and I get 175!

@Steelhooves, Ive never seen that bug before!


That´s weird! THT is probably working on it.


This happened to me a few times
I was so confused XD


I've seen this!

Maybe the editor confuses Landscape and Portrait?


Rotate your iPad once then rotate it back the other way. You get a bug similar to this


The number order is
1 4 7 2 5 8 3 6 +/- 9 . 0
in three rows of 4 it looks normal.


This happened to me before and I think it happens from... Doing the code with iPad sideways, then turning it vertical, and turning it back... all when you are in the code. Then it makes it look like that.


When it happens to me, I don't notice at first until I realize the values I entered were messed up...xD


That's weird !!
I've never had that bug before.


Wow! This is rather weird!
Off topic here but is the code always in the centre of the screen, mine takes up the entire screen?


XD so weird!!


You may have an older version of Hopscotch, or you are playing in portrait mode.


Oh! I usually play in portrait! Thanks!