The most essential poll


Does the forum call for change? (this is anonymous)

  • Yes
  • No


Not anonymous (it's lose-lose or win-win)

  • Yes
  • No


Votes are public.

With the giant number of users on the forum, we should get at least 50 votes


I literally see no problem with the forum XD


No one can replace pop tart please!


Only admins can do that. Mods can only promote people to leader. :D


We have one brave voter who says the forum needs change (publicly)
Good job @friendship2468


Which means PT could promote all of us to Leader lol


Why do you guys not want the forum to change oh my gosh!


Because there's nothing wrong with it xD


I could make a mass reason list :stuck_out_tongue:


Please, make it because I have no idea why you think it needs to change. I couldn't give a reason to save my life.


Ok @friendship2468 can you help me with a mass list?

Hi lol ~happyfacegirl
Cheesy positivity
Makes people sad
Takes time out of our lives
Unnecessary drama
Are most topics about really about coding anymore?
There seems to be a negative vibe

Removed those that aren't really good reasons/are offensive




What do you mean mass list


Yes what do you want


Mass reason list
On why the forum is bad


I just mean what is this change that you are speaking of?


Okay I guess I have a bunch of reasons


I added some reasons


Bye anon
Hopscotch will always be in your favor

(I say some deep stuff​:smile:)