The Morning Show With Phasez!


Herro! It is a Phasez here! I would like to give credit to @QueenShaeShae for the main idea.
I this will start to open at 6:00 A.M. almost every day! \‚°o°'\
I am not sure if a lot of people will be awake, but I will!
I am starting school next Wednesday. So that is how I will start the show!
(i might try to stay up till 6 XD)


I'm going viral with my idea!!!!!!!


I'll tune in when I wake up!


I'll be asleep at that time because sleep :stuck_out_tongue:




That's a funny song, don't u think?


Sorry I already quit. Please I beg you please don't tag me. This is an automated message.


Oh yes, it is indeed.
I can make fun of it in so many ways!
But I won't.