The MIRACLE Shoutouts



Hey guys! I decided to do a topic just like Community Shoutouts, but instead it's Miracle Shoutouts after some hacker trouble, anyway, I shared this with 2 people already, and we would be quite happy if you kept our names anonymous, although one of the team members are @a10, can you find the other one?

If you want to join our club, you would be granted permission to this account

First you need your
Hopscotch Name
and you just have to say you would like to join MiracleShoutouts!

If you get caught doing bad stuff on it, this account goes down and someone is going to have to get in trouble.

What we do in this account is give everyone shoutouts, big welcomes, and stay positive!

And with our permission you could roam other topics :wink:

Just be aware that if you break those rules!



The MiracleShoutouts team(WE ARE ANONYMOUS)
@a10 delete your post now!


A :heart: for you @MiracleShoutouts!


I think that you are @tankt2016 :stuck_out_tongue:,

I would like to give a shoutout to:

@PopTart0219 fighting in the bot wars and providing very good quality entertainment :laughing:


Think again on your guess!


Think again of your guess! I am not going to be saying yes or no!


That is not me. I just got a notification when you tagged me—



I bet that @MYD would like to join. Hopscotch usernames:

Make Your Day, MYD and Tankt2016's Art, and Make Your Day :v:

And I would like to join. Forum username: @tankt2016, Hopscotch usernames:

MYD and Tankt2016's Art and tankt2016


Then who is it?


Not me or you or anyone who's wondering.


It's @rawrbear I know or @TheLiker5839!


I bet it's @TheLiker5839


Definitely not you. They aren't going to say.


If we spam them we could :smirk:


Like an interrogation, or a mystery movie!


Spam? That isn't nice!


Yeah maybe! 🙄:angry::open_mouth::frowning::persevere:🤐 who knows!


With likes,


I think it is @TheLiker5839! Lets do some detective work!


@TheLiker5839 @AHappyCoder one of those?

 3 people…Yeah, let's look at their summary!    Just tap twice on their profile picture.